Jeremy Neff is a Sandan (3rd degree black-belt) in Aikido.  He studied under Ronald Sims Sensei in Logan UT at Jyushinkan Dojo.  He has been training in the art of Aikido for 14 years for self improvement and the love of the art.  In 2005 he studied in Chicago under Stephen Toyoda Sensei at the Aikido Association of America’s world headquarters for a month of rigorous training.  Two years later in 2007 he spent 3 months in Japan studying under Yasuo Kobayashi Shihan (8th degree black belt)as an uchideshi (Live in Student).  Kobayashi Shihan is the head instructor of Aikido Kobayashi Dojo.

Jeremy has taught Aikido for three years at Jyushinkan Dojo as a instructor for adult and youth classes.  He was encouraged to start teaching when he moved to Salt Lake City.   He started teaching in Midvale in November of 2011.

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